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Underwater Weddings


Capt. Slate's Weddings in the Keys is now offering with our famous underwater weddings a Mermaid and Overnight Stay at Jules Undersea Lodge package.

Ocean Sirens and Jules' Undersea lodge have partnered with Capt. Slate's to make your underwater wedding the greatest experience of your life. So either become a trained underwater mermaid with a special made 'tail' or underwater bridal photo shoots in mermaid tails, or mermaids as part of the wedding, too much fun! Then after the underwater wedding spend the afternoon or night or longer in the world famous one of a kind Jules' Undersea Lodge located right here in our lagoon in Key Largo!


All events are priced differently according to your individual wishes but make your underwater wedding event one that no one will ever forget!


Captain Slate has been the 'Justice of the Pisces' for over 30 years. Captain Slate performed his first underwater wedding in 1978 and was featured in People Magazine.  Since then, Capt. Slate’s famous underwater weddings have been featured on ‘Wild Weddings’,

wedding_photo2 (1).png

Prices are $500 for Capt. Slate to perform the underwater service, file marriage license and follow up. Charter boat for the one location dive is available for up to 36 snorkelers/passengers or 25 divers.


A selection of HD Video packages of your wedding, from rehearsal dinner through reception are available by Frazier Nivens our Emmy Award winning video cameraman. You will receive a DVD edited in Frazier's studio suitable for television.

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So call us for all your wedding needs, we are the Wedding Specialists in the Florida Keys both underwater and on land since 1978! Contact us for more information.

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